Jerm's Runelords

The Roof is on Fire

The PCs take on a job from Brodert Quint to check out a newly discovered and possibly untouched Varisian ruin north of Riddleport, He arranges transportation, and the party lcoates the ruin. They trigger a holographic image that spoke to them telepathically, demanding supplication to Xanderghul, the Runelord of Pride. They earn a mysterious seven-pointed star pendant. Continuing on into the ruins, they are ambushed by goblins. After an extended battle that lays several PCs low, the party is ultimately victorious. The trip home was uneventful, and they are rewarded after handing over a Varisian idol that they had discovered.

The PCs decide to take a post-graduation trip out to the Tickwood forest a couple of weeks later. After an uneventful camping and hunting trip, they return to Sandpoint, only to see a column of smoke on the horizon as they approach the north gate. They rush to town, only to find the chapel leveled in a conflagration, and the townsfolk trying to fight the spreading fire. Morvius sprints over to the triage area where citizens overcome by smoke or hurt in the fire lay needing help. Paldma and Marla organize the haphazard bucket brigade attempting to fight the fire, while Gwyndolyn runs into a burning building, accompanied by Morvius’ wolf companion, to find and save a boy trapped inside.

A miracle occurs, unseen to most, and possibly unrecognized as such by all.



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