Jerm's Runelords

These were the people in your neighborhood

The Sheriff and the good Father request the party to investigate the tomb where Father Tobyn and his ward Nualia are buried. It appeared that the tomb had been open and desecrated. The party and the Sheriff go to the tomb to investigate, leaving Father Zantus in the Cathedral. The stone door was ajar. Several goblin footprints and a set of footprints belonging to a larger humanoid were found outside. The Sheriff returns back to the Cathedral to bring Father Zantus in case there are undead waiting inside the tomb. While he is gone, the party enters the tomb — where indeed there are two skeletons. The party handily defeat the creatures and find a robe. The robe was later identified as a Robe of Bones and the skeletons were magical constructs — not the remains of Father Tobyn and Nualia as someone had meant for them to believe. Indeed, the raid may have been intended as a diversion as the real culprits stole the bodies which had lain here. The question remains: who would take their bodies, and for what purpose?

The party attempt to follow the tracks, but the tracks appear to split off and eventually disappear, and so the party returns home.



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