Jerm's Runelords

The boy who cried goblin

The PCs are implored to go to the house of Alergast and Amele Barett. Their son Aeren was much affected by the goblin raid, and has night terrors and claims there is a “closet goblin” which tries to come out at night to eat him. His cries would send their dog Petal into a barking frenzy, waking the whole family.

After checking the closet and finding nothing, Alergast threatened to make the boy sleep in the woodshed if he couldn’t be a big man, and go through one night without crying and telling stories. One night, they heard Petal cry out in pain, and Aeren’s cries turn even shriller. Alergast burst into Aeren’s room to find the dog dead and a goblin crouched on Aeren’s chest—his arms covered in goblin bites. He chased the goblin back into the closet. Amele fled, taking the children, seeking out the Heroes of Sandpoint.

The PCs investigate. They encounter a crazed goblin who had apparently gotten trapped within the Barett house via a hole in the closet. Crazed with hunger, he apparently had been kept at bay by the dog, but eventually hunger won out, and he killed the dog and attempted to eat Aeren. The party quickly dispatch the fiend. However, Alergast had been partially … consumed.

Distraught as much at the news as by Morvius’ manner of informing her, she glares at the PCs. She eventually moves to Magnimar with her children, joining a sister there.


I don’t trust Alergast. Anyone who’s family is all “A” names is up to no good in my book.

The boy who cried goblin

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