Jerm's Runelords

Stand By Me

...when teen PCs encounter a dead body...

Gwendolyn, Marla Howard, Morvius Pindleloric, and Paldma Battlesinger each went their separate ways after class at the Turandarok Academy, where the focus of that day’s lessons was geography. They roamed the streets of Sandpoint where they visited Alma Avertin at the Sandpoint Savories and browsed for books at the Curious Goblin.

They met up later and encountered Shayliss Vinder, a flouncy, bouncy redheaded girl. After Morvius rebuffed her very inept passes, she told them that there seemed to be some good stuff being dumped onto Junk Beach by Gorvi and his boys. As her sister Katrine Vinder came to take her home, she begged the PCs to get her something good.

The PCs went down to Junk beach and began shifting through the detrius when they encountered four juvenile goblins. Morvius and his animal companion killed two, and two ran off further down the beach. As the PCs stopped to catch their breath, a body fell seemingly from the sky. The body was missing its eyes, tongue, hands and feet. A quick look up revealed only the flash of a cloak whirling as whomever tossed the body over the cliff fled the scene. The PCs head up to the top of the cliff, but find no other clues and head for home.



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