Jerm's Runelords

So Very Boaring

The party meets up again with Aldern Foxglove—the visiting noble from Magnimar whose life they saved—at the Rusty Dragon. He rewards the party with 50 gp each and insists they join him for dinner. He is gregarious, and asks the PCs many questions about themselves—Where are they from? How long been fighting goblins? Any harrowing tales of adventure? But he seems particularly interested in Paldma. He further insists that the party join him on a boar hunt the next day. He gifts each party member with a horse or pony, and a boar spear (the rules of the hunt allow personal bow or boar spear only).

It is a mile and a half to the Tickwood -home to wild boars, deer, firepelt cougars, rare giant ticks. Aldern once again is a charming conversationalist, well read with endless stories of high life in Magnimar. He asks Paldma about her leadership and role in the party, taking every opportunity to praise and compliment her.

A boar is spotted. A chase ensues. Battle, followed by Victory!



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