Jerm's Runelords

Party Like Its 4707!

It is five years later. Morvius has a new companion – a baby elephant. Paldma searched out lore on her parentage and of Thassilon. Gwyndolyn helped her family out at the brewery. Marla’s whereabouts remain unknown.

It is the Swallowtail Festival – a holy event for the adherents of Desna, and the occasion of the consecration of the new Sandpoint Cathedral, and an opportunity for reunion for the PCs. There are speeches and games, and the players good-naturedly participate. Also, free food! And a cart full of butterflies freed, only to be chased by Sandpoint urchins throughout the day.

The town gathers before the Cathedral. As Father Zantus begins to speak, a scream. Goblins are overrunning Sandpoint! The crowds break up, but the PCs wade into the fray, taking out at least as many goblins as the goblins themselves did. Sounds of battle elsewhere in the town reveal that the fight in front of the Cathedral was only part of a much larger raid on Sandpoint. A pause, then shouts for help at the north gate. A visiting nobleman from Magnimar, Aldern Foxglove, was cornered by a band of goblins. His dog dead, he was sure to be a goner when the PCs quickly dispatched the goblins.

The tide of the battle has turned, and those goblins that survive begin to flee by the quickest route — some run pas the PCs and stream out of the north gate, some run for the south gate, others leap over the cliff to Junker’s Beach below. A couple of goblins have been captured and are questioned by the Sheriff and the town guard.

The Cathedral is consecrated in a small, quiet ceremony as citizens stay home and begin the recovery.

A miracle occurred this day, witnessed by few and unrecognized by all (at the time).



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