Jerm's Runelords

(GM Note:this was sent out via email. Still awaiting some responses, but will update as received.)

Although there were some goblins who apparently infiltrated the town from the south, or climbed up from Junker’s Beach, the main thrust of the goblin raid was in front of the new cathedral, and it was the three of you (Gwyndolyn, Paldma, and Morvius) who contributed most to saving Sandpoint. In the aftermath of the goblin attack, the people of Sandpoint are not overly interested in finishing up the Swallowtail Festival. As citizens leave for home to recover, many come up to you and thank you for helping to save them. Father Zantus holds a quiet ceremony to complete the consecration of the new cathedral.

Ameiko Kaijitsu approaches you that evening. She is impressed with your valiant actions, and as a way of saying thanks offers you a week’s worth of room and board for free at the Rusty Dragon (this is the same inn that Aldern Foxglove, the visiting nobleman whom you saved, is staying).

The next day, you walk around town. Alma Avertin (mother of the former sheriff, Casp Avertin, who was the last victim of the Chopper), greets you, saying how proud Casp would be of all of you, and that Gwendolyn was looking a little skinny and must be starving and pushes a fresh-baked loaf of bread into Gwendolyn’s arms.

You wander by the Hagfish, and you do not pay for a single drink. You are challenged once again to take a drink from Norah’s tank. (GM aside: let me know if you want to try again).

A stop at Savah’s Armory is greeted with an instantaneous offer of 20% off anything in stock. (GM aside: let me know if you want to buy anything – including any masterwork weapons—and I’ll let you know what’s available).

Cyrdak Drokkus asks Paldma if she would stay a moment. " I am working on a new production, but I have a part I believe you would be perfect for. It is still in the early stages, I have to finish the script, score the music, but I think this will be the next big theatrical hit in Magnimar! Well speak again once we are ready to begin casting and rehearsals! (GM aside: Let me know how you respond)

Morvius walks down the street by himself when he is tapped on the shoulder. He turns, and finds Shayliss Vinder. You recall a sort of bouncy flouncy redheaded girl who told you about the cool stuff just tossed onto Junker’s Beach. She has grown up in these last five years (GM aside: see attachment for Shayliss Vinder today).

Her father is the owner of the General Store. She smiles at you and says:“I need a hero. Maybe you might could help me?” There are rats in the store’s basement. Why just yesterday, I am sure I saw one the size of a goblin hiding behind a barrel." She begins to twirl a finger in her hair, and continues, “Daddy doesn’t believe me. He only cares about Katrine shacking up with one of the lumbermill workers anyways. Now, there are only just a couple of rats, but I do so sorely need a hero to come to my rescue. Would you like to come back with me to the basement? You’ll be handsomely rewarded.” (GM aside: how do you respond? Do you go with her?)

The next day, Sheriff Hemlock contacts you. He thanks you for your assistance during the goblin assault, and asks you to meet with him and Father Zantus at the Cathedral as there is something he’d like your assistance with.



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