Jerm's Runelords

The PCs endured many long lectures at the Turandarok Academy by day, while a serial killer stalked the people of Sandpoint at night. Known as The Chopper, the killer would chop off the hands and feet of his victims, stack them near the body, while the eyes and tongue would not be found.

The PCs met the people in their neighborhood, including a stranger woodcarver named Jervis Stoot who was known for his eccentricity and carvings of birds, the Sheriff and his Deputy, the sage Brodert Quint, and many others whose names the PCs have forgotten. The PCs did some investigating on their own, and Madame Nishka’s Harrow reading gave some insights into the mind of the killer.

The PCs also briefly met Nualia, the etherically beautiful ward of Sandpoint’s High Priest, Ezekial Tobyn as she was accosted and abused in a brief walk into the town. The party later eavesdropped on a conversation between Nualia and her beau, a Varisian youth named Delek Viskanta. But in doing so spooked the boy and mortified Nualia.

A sighting of the Sandpoint Devil that night presaged yet another murder.

The night before final exams, the party attended a memorial service for Atsuii Kaijitsu, formerly the wife of town noble, Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Most believe Atsuii was a victim of The Chopper, although her body was not mutilated as the others — perhaps The Chopper was interrupted and flung her body over the cliff where it was found.

Tsuto Lonjiku—a half elf—makes an appearance at his mother’s service. He gets into an altercation with his father Lonjiku. Tsuto’s sister, Ameiko, tries to intervene, but Tsuto curses his father and leaves Sandpoint.

Nearly a month after encountering the first of the Chopper’s victims, the party has reached the end of their adventures at the Academy — it is Finals Day. Paldma walks away with class Honors.

That night, the PCs attend a graduation party. A glance out the window to the street below reveals someone wielding a butcher’s knife attacking someone in an ally. A shout to Sheriff Avertin who is passing below leads to a pursuit. Although Sheriff Avertin is killed, he wounds the Chopper and Deputy Belor Hemlock and the town militia follow the blood trail to Stoot’s Rock — an island just off of the coast where Jervis Stoot — now revealed as the Chopper — lived.

Later rumors indicate that a strange shrine was found where the eyes and tongues of the victims were stacked. Belor slew Jervis Stoot after fierce battle, and the militia burn down Stoot’s house and the long stairway that led up to it, ending this horrible chapter of Sandpoint’s history.



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